The Neal Legacy

Since 1978 Neal Manufacturing Company has been a lead innovator in the asphalt sealcoating industry. Throughout the decades Neal has revolutionized how contractors apply sealer with standards such as the ESSP pump, 550 spray machine, ride-on applicator and more. Harold Neal (1946-2009) founded Neal Manufacturing in 1977 and pioneered the mechanized application of asphalt sealcoating equipment. Read More

Why Buy a Neal?

Neal equipment is built to maximize your efficiency and help you make big profits. For nearly 35 years contractors have trusted us because of the pure power and reliability our machines provide. Take a look at 6 key features that make a NEAL your best choice for high profit sealcoating. Neal Manufacturing has been renowned for over 30 years in the asphalt sealcoating industry for one reason: Quality. Read More

Learn About Sealcoating

Our Total Asphalt Maintenance Handbook has been a standard for sealcoating professionals for many years. Now you can learn about Sealcoating here. Read More